A beautiful afternoon at the Valley View pullout

A beautiful afternoon at the Valley View pullout

Winter sure did stick around for quite a while but warm weather is finally here. As soon as the temperatures started to get hotter I decided it would be a great time to head down to Yosemite National Park to photograph. I was especially excited because I knew that all of the waterfalls were going to be at their peak flow. If you've never been to Yosemite to watch the waterfalls in the spring you should put it on your itinerary. It is a true demonstration of nature's power and a sight that everyone should see once in their life.

First light on Upper Yosemite Falls

First light on Upper Yosemite Falls

Waterfalls weren't the only thing to photograph. The photography opportunities in the valley are absolutely endless. The light changes almost every minute and you could literally spend a lifetime chasing it, and some people do. There have been so many occasions when I have been walking back to my car thinking that I'm done shooting a location and find myself scrambling to get my gear set up again to capture the ever changing light. It always keeps me on my toes.

Half Dome at sunset

Half Dome at sunset

In Yosemite each season really has it's own character. I can't wait to head back in the fall to photograph all the colors.

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Last week I had the opportunity to take a quick two day trip down to the Eastern Sierra and then up and over Tioga Pass to Yosemite National Park. The fall colors in the Eastern Sierra were unbelievable. I spent most of my afternoon shooting around the June Lake Loop area.

june lake loop

"June Lake Loop"

"Silver Lake"

For the late afternoon and sunset I made my way over to Mono Lake to photograph the amazing tufa formations that grace the area.


"Mono Lake Tufas"

After camping that evening at the base of Tioga Pass, I woke up early (4:00am) and drove into Yosemite National Park to photograph the sunrise over El Capitan and the Merced River. As much as Yosemite has been photographed over the years, it's easy to see why. Everywhere you look in the valley is one amazing shot after another. As the sun made it's way higher in the sky, I took a break and grabbed some breakfast.

 yosemite national park merced el capitan 

"Reflections of El Cap"

 cathedral spires  

"Cathedral Spires"

 yosemite national park el capitan 

"El Cap"

I spent the rest of the day hiking on the Mist Trail. The waterfalls (Vernal and Nevada Falls) were really cranking from all the recent rain and snow. As I reached the top of the Mist Trail I realized that it was only noon. "Why not continue up to the top of Half Dome?," I thought. So I did. I still had a lot of hiking to do, so I put my camera away and headed for the top. The view did not disappoint. I must say it was probably one of the best hikes I've ever been on.

 vernal falls yosemite national park 

"Vernal Falls"

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