Over the summer I had the pleasure of working with my good friend and colleague Trevor Clark on a spectacular project in the Yukon Territory in Northern Canada.  Our assignment was to create a short film highlighting the unbelievable mountain biking in and around the city of Whitehorse, YK.  Our client, H and I Adventures (based in Scotland), offers mountain bike tours all over the world to destinations such as Nepal, Ecuador, Mexico and Spain.  They are adding the Yukon to their unbelievable list of destinations and needed a short film to tell their story.  We had 10 days to scout and shoot the project.

This video is an especially important step for Trevor and I as we plan to work together a lot more in the future.  We also had the pleasure of working with our friend and up-and-comer Tommy Penick on the back end for the edit.  Tommy has a big future ahead of him and did an amazing job constructing the piece from a monumental amount of footage.

We would like to thank:

Sylvain Turcotte and Marsha Cameron of Boreale Mountain Biking – for showing us all of their secret stashes and unbelievable backyard that they call home

Lowepro  - for their support and giving us the just-now-released Rover Pro bags that made carrying 50 pounds of video gear on a mountain bike as comfortable as it can be


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